Swimming coach accused of lesbian relationship with under-age girl

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Staines Swimming Club’s head coach Katy Rydquist will face a disciplinary hearing after complaints that she had a sexual relationship with an under-age female pupil.

Ms Rydquist will appear before the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) later this week, having been suspended on full pay.

The swimming club has refused to make any comment at all on the case so far. Many parents feel concerned for their children’s safety.

The mother of one club member told The Surrey Herald:

“A lot of people are very concerned but the club won’t tell us anything so we don’t know what’s going on. It feels like a cover-up.”

Another parent added:

“Some parents have chosen to remove their children to other clubs in the area but the majority appear to take the view that as it wasn’t their child involved – who cares?”

Parents also believe that the police have not yet been involved or made aware of the investigation.
An ASA spokesperson said:

“All of our work in this area is confidential and any relevant parties who are informed of our work are done so in the strictest confidence, which we hope they would respect.”

Staines swimming club has over 500 youth members and holds lessons at more that five different swimming pools.