Former Mr Gay UK murder trial hears ex-boyfriend’s testimony

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A man who was in a six year relationship with a former Mr Gay UK winner accused of murder testified at his trial today.

Anthony Morley, 36, who won the gay beauty contest in 1993, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 33 year old Damian Oldfield.

His defence barrister has said he is guilty of manslaugter and that issues of mental abnormality and provocation would be brought out during the trial.

Mr Oldfield’s body was found with multiple stab wounds. Pieces of flesh had been carved from his leg and chest.

Six pieces of cooked human flesh were found by police on a chopping board at Morley’s house in Leeds.

Morley’s former boyfriend Shaun Wood told the court that he had attacked him and threatened him with a meat cleaver after an argument about money during their relationship, which ended in 2002.

“He went to the kitchen and came back and sat down on the settee and five minutes later he leapt up and went for me with a meat cleaver but fortunately he fell backwards so it didn’t get me, otherwise it would have done,” he said.

Mr Wood said under cross-examination that Morley had never acted that way before the incident but said that the accused’s drinking had caused arguments.

Another former partner told the court that Morley had attacked him and was prone to violence.

Yesterday the court heard that after chewing a piece of Mr Oldfield’s flesh he walked to a nearby takeaway and told staff that he’d killed someone. He told police when he was arrested that someone had tried to rape him

Andrew Stubbs QC for the prosecution told the jury that Mr Morley was troubled by his sexuality and that he had arranged to meet Oldfield on April 23rd and to cook for him.

Mr Stubbs told the court that after sexual activity took place that Mr Moorley then stabbed Oldfield in the throat. “He continued to stab and stab and stab him until he died. Even when he was dead the attack continued until finally Mr Morley cut parts of flesh from the body.”

The prosecuting barrister then told the court: “From a chopping board on one of the kitchen units, six pieces of cooked flesh, seasoned with fresh herbs and fried in olive oil were recovered. The flesh was human in origin.”

He added: “After Mr Oldfield had died, Mr Morley had cut away a piece of his chest and nipple and then he placed a bank card over the wound.”

The court was told that there was no sign of struggle and that it was possible that the victim was attacked from behind. It was claimed that Mr Morley later went to the takeaway and asked for the police to be called.

Mr Morley was reported to have said to the police: “It’s this lad, he tried to rape me so I stopped him.” When asked how, Mr Morley alledgedly said: “”I’m a chef, how do you think I stopped him?”

The prosecution claimed that Mr Morley admitted to the police that he had stabbed Mr Oldfield a number of times.

The Morley’s defence counsel, Robert Smith QC, said that his client was guilty of manslaughter but that he may have been provoked and that Mr Morley may have a mental abnoormality.

The trail continues.