Brianna Ghey trial: Murder suspect admits ‘dark fantasies’ about torture and serial killer obsession

Brianna Ghey pictured in a selfie wearing her school uniform.

The girl accused of murdering trans teen Brianna Ghey has told the court she enjoyed watching “dark materials” which led her to have “dark fantasies”. 

Two teenagers, only referred to as Boy Y and Girl X due to their age, are accused of murdering Ghey, who was stabbed 28 times in Culcheth Linear Park, Warrington, on 11 February 2023. They both deny the charge. 

On 4 December, Boy Y, 16, described his female co-defendant, 15, as “not a normal person”, adding that she likes to “joke about like dead babies and stuff”, alongside calling herself a satanist and making “jokes about stabbing” and “watching torture videos”. 

Girl X has since confirmed his accusations, and on day 10 of the trial she told the jury that she began to fantasise about killing people at the age of 14. 

The 15-year-old said she began taking an interest in “dark materials” which she found via the dark web, such as videos depicting murder, torture and serial killers. 

She told the jury, as reported by the BBC, that she was interested in the idea of murder and the “different personalities of serial killers and different ways they would carry things out”. She said this did not make her want to torture or kill others.

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According to Girl X, Boy Y had “similar interests”, and so she would share her “dark fantasises” with him as he “seemed to like that sort of stuff”. 

She denied being “obsessed” with Brianna, but said she found her “different” and “interesting”. 

Snapchat messages between the pair saw Boy Y refer to Brianna as an “it” because he “doesn’t agree with people who were trans or gay”, she told the court, before adding that she doesn’t hold anti-trans views. 

Girl X denied attempting to give Brianna an overdose to kill her a few weeks before she was stabbed to death, after the jury heard that the female defendant told Boy Y she had given Brianna Ibuprofen pills, but she had a high tolerance and had not died. 

“I was making a fantasy about killing Brianna even though I had no intention,” she said.

Girl X referred to their alleged “kill list”, featuring the names of five other children, and said the list referred to nothing more than a fantasy. 

The jury heard that she had told Boy Y she wanted to keep body parts of victims as part of the fantasy, something she had discovered serial killers had done. 

Girl X, who the court heard has traits of autism and ADHD, said she would self-harm as a “coping” mechanism, at times felt suicidal, and was on medication. 

The trial will continue on Monday (11 December). 

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