Hollyoaks Spoilers: Hannah and Elliot share a kiss

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Nancy starts off the week pretty upset that she might have blown things with Ravi. But she’ll never admit that she might have been a bit rash in accusing him of being a pawn in one of Warren’s shady drug deals. Will he forgive her?

Mandy’s worried about Ravi too. She’s convinced that he’s going to blow the cover on her relationship with Warren. She does the only thing she can – she breaks it off with her illicit lover. But how will Warren react to that?

Frankie tries to patch things up with Newt by deciding to organise a surprise birthday party for the lad. But when she and Lauren try to apologise Newt makes it quite clear that he’s not ready to forgive and forget.

Later in the week, Lauren decides to give her apology another go. At first, Newt still won’t speak to her but once Lauren persuades him to read her diary to gain an insight into her feelings about him all is forgiven.

Frankie has another tough task ahead of her this week. She has to head to court to see Jack and Darren make their pleas. How will that work out?

Elsewhere in Chester, Justin’s slightly taken aback when he gets sacked for unprofessional conduct. Well, he did have an affair with a client.

Later, he bumps into Leila and just when we think things are about to get a whole lot worse for Justin, they take a sharp turn for the better. The two are quickly reconciled and Leila takes it upon herself to help Justin out. She asks Hannah if there’s work going behind the SU bar and before you can say: “Whose round is it?” Justin’s managed to bag himself a new job.

Hannah could probably do with the help. She’s rushed off her feet trying to organise the SU Halloween bash. Elliot seems to be getting under her feet every way she turns too.

But as Hannah musters support for the party, one person is definitely not keen to lend theirs. Sarah is incredibly jealous of Hannah’s growing friendship with Elliot. In a big hissy fit she vents her envy on Hannah’s Halloween outfit, tearing the dress to shreds.

Hannah is absolutely gutted when she finds her frock in bits. It doesn’t help that there’s a power cut at the SU bar just ahead of the Halloween ball. But things aren’t all bad. Once the disasters are overcome and Leila’s done a little bit of matchmaking, things start looking up for Hannah. She and Elliot share a dance and later, a kiss. What on earth is Sarah going to say when she finds out?

Hollyoaks Spoilers: Hannah and Elliot share a kiss