Hannah Gadsby’s new Netflix special stars genderqueer comics only

Netflix has dropped the trailer for Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby’s new genderqueer comedy showcase, Gender Agenda, and the lineup is truly a celebration of LGBTQ+ joy. 

The streaming service shared a trailer for the forthcoming special Monday (12 February) in which Gadsby shares the stage with some of the “world’s absolute funniest genderqueer comedians”. 

In the two-minute long trailer for Gender Agenda, Gadsby joked that the “last time Netflix brought this many trans people together it was for a protest – so progress”. 

It’s, of course, a reference to the walkout of trans employees and allies at Netflix in October 2021 following the release of Dave Chappelle’s special The Closer. Gadsby has been critical of Netflix in the past for platforming Chappelle and his anti-trans jokes in the past

With Gadsby as curator and host, Hannah Gadsby’s Gender Agenda, which debuts on Netflix on 5 March, will give the stage to seven of the funniest trans and genderqueer talents in the comedy scene now. 

Here’s a bit more about the amazing comedians featured in the new Netflix special.

Jes Tom

Jes Tom, a comedian featured on Hannah Gadsby's Netflix special Gender Agenda, wears a sweatshirt and jeans while hugging trans actor Elliot Page with one arm
Jes Tom’s off-Broadway solo show, Less Lonely, was presented by trans icon Elliot Page. (Getty)

Tom is a self-described “trans menace”, according to their Insta bio, and has written for the beloved (and recently axed) queer pirate comedy Our Flag Means Death

The stand-up comedian recently wrapped up their off-Broadway run of Less Lonelytheir one-person show about love, sex and being trans presented by Elliot Page. Tom has shared multiple pics with Page on their Instagram, joking that they’re just “bros being bros”


Alok, a comedian featured on Hannah Gadsby's Netflix special Gender Agenda, smiles while wearing a white shirt and sweater vest with yellow, blue and brown stripes on it
Alok is an LGBTQ+ activist, comedian and speaker who has appeared on various shows, including Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne and Jonathan Van Ness’ Getting Curious. (Getty)

Alok is truly an all-around performance powerhouse. They’re an author, a poet, a speaker, an LGBTQ+ activist and a comedian. 

Alok headlined the NYC Comedy Festival in 2021 and appeared on the TV series Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne as well as Jonathan Van Ness’ Getting Curious.

Asha Ward

Asha Ward, a comedian featured on Hannah Gadsby's Netflix special Gender Agenda, wears a light shirt and dark trousers while speaking into a microphone during a performance
Asha Ward is the youngest person to be a writer on Saturday Night Live’s staff. (YouTube/Comedy Central Stand-Up)

In 2022, Ward made history as the youngest-ever writer on the staff of Saturday Night Live.

Their work on the long-running sketch and comedy show netted Ward an Emmy nomination in 2023 for “Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series”. 

Chloe Petts

Comedian Chloe Petts, who appears on Hannah Gadsby's Netflix special Gender Agenda, wears dark clothing while speaking into a microphone
Petts co-founded The LOL Word, a collective showcasing queer women, non-binary and trans comedians. (Getty)

Petts most recent Edinburgh Fringe run was a sell-out, and the comedian’s 2023 appearance at the Soho Theatre debut was just as well received.

Her brand-new show, If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, touches on LGBTQ+ issues and how she’s channeled her rage in recent times

Petts is also a co-founder of The LOL Word, a comedy collective featuring acts by queer women, non-binary and trans performers.

DeAnne Smith

Canadian-American writer and columnist DeAnne Smith has been a regular on the queer comedy scene for a while now. In 2008, Smith won the best newcomer award at the Sydney Comedy Festival and was nominated for best newcomer at the Canadian Comedy Awards during the same year. 

They appeared on Netflix’s Comedians of the World and HBO’s Funny As Hell

Krishna Istha

Krishna Istha, a comedian featured on Hannah Gadsby's Netflix special Gender Agenda, wears a dark shirt as they stand in front of a background with the Netflix logo on it
Krishna Istha was a writer on the fourth season of Netflix’s beloved series Sex Education. (Getty)

Krishna Ishta is a London-based performance artist, screenwriter, theatre maker and comedian. They were a writer for season four of Sex Education, and they’re a recipient of the Netflix Documentary Talent Fund. 

Ishta is currently working on a trilogy of performance pieces about trans motherhood. 

Mx Dahlia Belle

Portland-based performer Mx Dahlia Belle describes herself as “hilarious, ignant”, “the best sort of mess” and the “adorable princess of comedy” on her website. It’s a great CV. 

On top of all of that, Belle co-founded Portland’s Queer Comedy Festival. She gained widespread attention when she described Chappelle’s comedy as “being outdated, transphobic, and, frankly, hack” in an open letter published by the Guardian in 2021. 

Hannah Gadsby’s Gender Agenda premieres on Netflix on 5 March.