Coronation Street: The street bid farewell to Liam

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There’s a sombre start to the week in Manchester as the residents of the street attend Liam’s funeral. Maria’s not sure how she’s going to cope, so she takes Ozzy along for support. Carla has no idea how she’s going to get through the day either. Once she arrives at the church, she finds it overbearing and flees as soon as the hymn singing begins. Her dramatic exit raises a few eyebrows in the congregation.

Tony is especially concerned at Carla’s reaction and follows her out of the church where he finds her being comforted by Leanne.

Later that day, Carla tells Tony that she needs to get away for a while. She tells him that she’s going to stay with a friend in LA. Tony can’t believe that after all he has done to keep Carla, she doesn’t want to be with him at the moment.

Sally is forced to miss Liam’s funeral when she gets new information from the police about Rosie. They tell her that Rosie’s bank account has been accessed from a cash point just outside Manchester. The police are studying the CCTV footage to find out who made the withdrawal, but Sally is convinced that it must be Rosie.

Meanwhile, Rosie is still stuck in her attic prison. She’s desperate to escape and hits on an idea that might gain her freedom. Rosie manages to move a wardrobe under the attic roof window. Her plan is to stand on it and shout for help. In fact, she goes further than that and manages to smash the window and scream for help. But in her eagerness to get attention she loses her balance and falls from the wardrobe, knocking herself out. Alone in the building and with John away on holiday, will anyone ever find Rosie?

Elsewhere in the street, Ken in growing increasingly concerned about Peter. When Peter eventually arrives at the house, Ken is surprised to see that he has his son, Simon with him. Peter explains that he hadn’t seen Lucy for five years before she died, but that she left instructions for Simon to be with Peter after her death. Once Simon is put to bed and
Ken cracks open a drink for Peter, it soon becomes obvious that the last thing in the world that Peter wants is to be a dad. How will the Barlows handle this situation?

Becky has to head to the police station this week, to answer to her bail. But once there, it becomes clear that DC Hooch is unable to charge her with anything. She leaves the station a happy woman.

But Becky’s happiness doesn’t last long. Annoyed at being thwarted, DC Hooch makes it his mission to get revenge and not let Becky get away with her drunken rampage. He heads to see Steve at the pub and warns him that he needs to think seriously about whether he wants to jeopardise his relationship with Michelle for Becky.

The next thing we know, DC Hooch is at Roy’s Rolls arresting Becky. He tells her that he now has witnesses to the entire incident. How will Becky get out of this one? And will bent copper DC Hooch get his comeuppance?

Coronation Street: The street bid farewell to Liam