Update: With eighty percent of votes counted, 51.8% of Californians support Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Proposition 8, the voter initiative ballot that seeks to make a constitutional change to effectively ban gay marriage in California, defining marriage as an act of union between a man and woman is currently looks likely to pass.

After the “Say No to Prop 8” rally in San Francisco was disbanded due to the delays in results and with eighty percent of ballots counted , 4,488.600 people have voted for the ban on gay marriage. 4,173,033 have voted against.

It is though still possible for those supporting the ban to loose as the race is so tight. Rural areas have overwhelmingly voted for the ban. Urban areas including San Francisco have overwhelmingly voted against the ban. Los Angles had its vote split 50.6% in favour, 49.4% against.

Benjamin Cohen is live blogging from San Francisco. He is the founder of PinkNews.co.uk and a Correspondent for Channel 4 News