Liverpool council’s village plan “ignores” LGBT community

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A leading councillor has attacked Liverpool’s City Council over plans for a gay village.

The city needs £260,000 for the scheme, which supporters claim will attract more businesses to invest in the area and create a “café culture,” and is hoping to secure EU funds.

Eberle Street will be permanently blocked to cars, while Cumberland Street and parts of Stanley Street will be pedestrianised from Thursdays to Mondays from 10pm to 5am.

Councillor Steve Radford of the Liberal party welcomed plans to close Eberle Street, host to Garlands and G Bar, “after a seven year campaign.”

He claimed the council “has bluntly treated with contempt the 96% response of the LGBT community and other users to close Stanley Street in the evening.

“The closure suggested is now ten at night, is anyone other than the plonkers in Liverpool Town Hall going to believe there is any chance or benefit of clubs and restaurants putting out tables into the street at ten at night?”

A final decision will be made by the council in December.

Cllr Peter Millea, executive member for assets and development, told the Liverpool Daily Post:

“A traffic regulation order (TRO) for this plan will be published shortly and interested parties will be asked for their views. A final decision will be made depending on the responses.

“What is being proposed is a compromise between the various views, taking into account those businesses which operate during the day as well as boosting the night economy.

“If this scheme does go ahead following the TRO consultation, it could be the first step to a wider pedestrianisation of the area, making this part of the city centre more pedestrian friendly.”