EastEnders Spoilers: Will Heather’s persuasion get Phil and Shirley together?

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Max discharges himself from hospital against doctors’ orders as he is getting increasingly frustrated as he tries to find out what happened to him. He manages to claw his way back into Tanya’s house – forcing Jack to move out – but while Abi is delighted, Lauren seeks solace elsewhere. Dot is reluctant to help out and ends up telling Max that while Tanya might have done wrong – it was not beyond understanding.

It seems, however, that Max is keen to protest Tanya’s innocence and tells the police that it was Jack – and he doesn’t have a reliable alibi. But will they take his word?

Meanwhile Phil asks Shirley to help organise something for Suzy’s birthday – and much to Heather’s amazement, she agrees. But Heather knows it is Shirley’s love for Phil that drives her to help him, despite the jaunts she gets from Suzy on a regular basis. But her assistance isn’t appreciated when things get out of hand with Suzy’s new purchase –a dog – and she ends up getting sacked from the pub. Heather won’t see her best friend lose out on love so gets to action sorting things out – particularly when she hears that Shirley might leave the square with Vinnie. Phil rises to the bait, aided by Ben’s protestations that he will miss Shirley if she goes. He goes to visit Shirley and they end up in bed together after a passionate kiss. But will they finally declare their true feelings for each other?

Lucas and Chelsea become closer but will the kiss he shared with Denise spoil things for her? She isn’t sure to begin with but when things go awry for the couple she joins forces with Patrick and Libby to get them together. After an eventful evening when they shut the two of them together in the house, Lucas and Denise finally get it together and agree to go on a date. But when Denise offers him a coffee afterwards she doesn’t get the response she expected.

Ian sets Lucy a challenge when she claims he thinks more of Peter than her – and offers to double her money if she can make £1000 by the end of the week. She has a crafty idea that wipes the smile of her dad’s face – but doesn’t get her the money. He privately thinks she is a genius and offers her the job as Peter’s campaign manager. She responds by saying she isn’t going to help her brother’s election prospects – but she is going to stand against him instead!

Ian gets himself into more bother when he tells Bianca the café is on an economy drive and she must be more sparing with the butter and bread for sandwiches. This causes a riot with the customers and he tells them it wasn’t his idea – infuriating Bianca because she can’t believe what she is hearing.
Tony upsets Whitney by trying to keep her on side by promising a birthday treat – then letting her down when he sees a chance to gain Lauren’s trust after she tells him about being upset with her family.

Ricky comes in just after Tony has shouted at Whitney and made her scrub her make-up off. She is crying and upset so Ricky becomes suspicious. Is he on to the fact that Tony isn’t all he seems?
EastEnders Spoilers: Will Heather’s persuasion get Phil and Shirley together?