Coronation Street Spoilers: Maria wants the truth about Liam’s death

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Maria is stunned to find out that Tony knew about the Carla and Liam footage of them kissing and her head starts to race with unanswered questions. She tells Tom that she wants to find out the truth and goes about questioning Dev and then Tyrone, who tells he that Jason reckoned the driver of the car didn’t swerve or put the brakes on. This is all Maria needs to hear and she seizes on the news as proof Liam’s death was no accident.

But Audrey is worried about her and thinks she needs medical help – particularly when she tries to get access to Tony’s desk and then his and Carla’s flat. The newly weds return from honeymoon oblivious to what has been going through Maria’s mind, until they play their answer machine.

At the Rovers Steve is feeling the strain of playing bad boyfriend as frustrated Michelle struggles yet again to have a civilized conversation with him. He is lusting after Becky and is desperate to spend some time with her but there is nothing they can do about it – then a chance remark from Michelle about the stench of Ryan’s football kit gives Steve another idea for his bad boyfriend plan.

Molly grows increasingly suspicious of Tyrone’s behaviour when he sees him spending more time with Minnie . He convinces her that he doesn’t fancy Minnie but how long can he keep the details of his and Pam’s dodgy dealings a secret?
After enrolling them both in a gym to put Molly off the scent, Tyrone is devastated when she walks out on him and their wedding plans. He tells Pam what has happened and lays the blame fairly and squarely at her door. She is distraught at the development and tries to make amends but is it too late?

Darryl and Teresa have to leave their home to make way for the new tenants – who turn out to be none other than the Windasses. There is a Mexican stand off on the street as the Platts and Windasses scream abuse at each other. So David and Tina are stunned when they return home to find Anna and Gail hugging each other.

Emily is also in for a surprise when she discovers that the community service volunteer she has been assigned to help out at the hospital is in fact Janice Battersby. Janice’s initial delight in seeing her neighbour will be supervising her soon fades when she realises Emily is no soft touch.

Eileen’s dad Colin has still not arrived and when she calls him and he comes up with a ridiculous excuse as to why he is late she knows exactly where to find him. She decides to show him up by taking his dinner to the Rovers where she finds him charming the socks off Rita.
Coronation Street Spoilers: Maria wants the truth about Liam’s death