EastEnders Spoilers: Peggy collapses

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Peggy’s pursuit of election victory continues – until she collapses during a council debate. The family worry that the cancer might have returned and Archie gives her an ultimatum – her politics, or him. Will he go ahead with his threat to cancel the wedding?

Things are still confused between Jack, Roxy and Ronnie – and Ronnie’s fate isn’t helped by Danielle who is waging a war of hatred against her birth mother, painting “evil cow” across her front door and generally losing the plot before threatening to leave Walford for good. Archie realises who Danielle is – but will either of them tell Ronnie the truth?

When Minty tells Heather they need to talk she thinks he wants her back – but he just wants to tell her he has met someone else. Their conversation is overheard by Shirley who rushes in to save her friend.

When Mo shows Billy Bert’s postcards from Las Vegas Billy wonders where Jay is living. He asks him to meet him in the park and Billy asks Jay to come home as he needs a mate. At first he says no, but later turns up at the flat.

Jane watches a Bollywood film with Masood. On the way home they dance together but are interrupted by a call from Ian. He’s made a romantic meal to make up for ‘boobgate’. Did he call in the nick of time?

Max wants to see Lauren and tries to trick her case worker into going out with him, purely so he can get information from her about his daughter. She tells him that she is fine but is missing her family.
Chelsea invites Theo to dinner and Denise is excited that Chelsea is bringing a boy home.  At dinner Theo tells them the book he’s researching is important as he believes young black people should know their history. Denise seems to be under the impression, however, that Theo is studying law.

EastEnders Spoilers: Peggy collapses