Raped trans woman ‘harassed in public and on the internet’

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A Welsh trans woman who was raped has said she was forced to move house after her identity became public.

The unnamed victim saw her attacker, Kiron Singh, Chand, jailed for eight years this week.

Chand, of Potter Place, Llanelli, forced his victim to perform oral sex on him and beat her in April.

However, the woman has said she received verbal abuse in the street and was subjected to a humiliating poster campaign.

She added that she was vilified on social networking websites such as Facebook.

Speaking to the South Wales Evening Post, she said: “I was victimised because of my sexuality. If I had been a normal girl, I would not have been treated like this.

“I had verbal attacks in the street, hurtful things written about me on Facebook and had humiliating posters put up around the town about me.

“My family and I have been through hell because of it.

“I was the victim and I was being treated like the criminal.”

However, she added that she was relieved the ordeal of the trial was over and was glad the truth had come out.

Chand told the court she had offered him oral sex and he beat her when he felt “tricked” into the act. However, the jury did not believe his story.

He must also sign the sex offenders register. The 167 days he has already spent in custody will count towards his sentence.