God Hates Fags church hates Lady Gaga

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Westboro Baptist Church has announced it will picket a January gig by gay-friendly singer Lady Gaga.

The Kansas-based church, best known for its slogan of God Hates Fags, said in a press release it would protest outside a St Louis concert on January 7th.

Calling her a “sleazy God-hater”, the church said: “‘Art’ and ‘fashion’ are the euphemisms, the guise under which proud whore Lady Gaga teaches rebellion against God.”

Gaga has frequently spoken of her love for her gay fans and thanked them for their support.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, daughter of church leader Fred Phelps, told Radar Online: “We will be going to her concert with placards reading ‘God Hates Lady Gaga’ – to inform people that they will be going to hell too if they listen to her messages.

“According to the Bible homosexuality is an abomination and she has to shut her filthy mouth and stop promoting it.”

Westboro Baptist Church is known for picketing the funerals of US soldiers with slogans such as ‘God hates fags’. It believes that the deaths of US soldiers in the middle east are God’s punishment for a country which allows homosexuality.