Northern Ireland court told of murdered gay man’s injuries

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A Northern Ireland court has heard the extent of the injuries suffered by a gay man who was murdered on Easter Sunday.

Shaun Fitzpatrick, 32, was found dead on March 23rd 2008 in an alleyway in Dungannon, County Tyrone.

This week, Dungannon Crown Court was told that the shopkeeper had 52 injuries separate injuries, with 36 of them to his head.

Deputy state pathologist Dr Alistair Bentley said Fitzpatrick’s injuries included a broken nose, two broken teeth and bruising and cuts to his head, neck, mouth and parts of his upper body.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Dr Bentley suggested that the victim had been kicked, punched or attacked with a blunt object numerous times.

Two men, Andrius Dunauskas, 23, and Raminas Balseris, 26, are being tried for his murder.

Both blame the other for the killing.

They had been drinking at the same bar as Fitzpatrick on the night of the killing and Dunauskas had allegedly tried to hit the deceased but was stopped by friends.

The pair later walked home together and spotted Fitzpatrick walking ahead of them.

Balseris claims that Dunauskas carried out the attack because he “didn’t like gays”.

Dunauskas admits punching Fitzpatrick, but claims Balseris kicked the dead man in the head. Balseris denies taking part in the attack.

The trial continues.