Hundreds expected to turn out for Malawi protest this Saturday in London

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A vast crowd is expected to turn out for Saturday’s protest at London’s Malawi High Commission, in a show of solidarity for Malawian prisoners Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga.

Mr Monjeza and Mr Chimbalanga were arrested in December 2009 and last week sentenced to 14 years’ hard labour for their relationship. This week, they were separated by the Malawian authorities, with Mr Monjeza being sent to a different prison. The protesters aim to show a display of international solidarity and outrage at the couple’s inhumane treatment.

Michael Nastari, who organised the protest, told that he was “sickened” by the sentence. He added: “All people should have the human right to freedom of expression [and] if two people wish to express their love for each other they should be able to do so. Steven and Tiwonge should be free to express themselves and their love for each other in a way which is natural to them.”

Thus far, over 400 people have confirmed that they will attend the rally, which takes place at the aforementioned Malawi High Commission at 70 Winnington Road, London N2 at 1pm this Saturday 29 May.