Bulgaria’s third LGBT pride parade has diplomatic support

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The international diplomatic society in Sofia, Bulgaria, has again expressed its staunch support of the capital’s third annual pride parade, to be held on 26 June.

Sofia Pride will mark the closing weekend of a seven-day cultural event which will showcase photographic exhibitions and host various discussions. This year’s parade will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of homosexuality’s removal from the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) list of diseases and disorders.

Representatives of various diplomatic missions including the UK, USA, Belgium and France attended a cocktail reception on Wed in support of Sofia Pride. It was hosted by the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the exterior of which was draped with a rainbow flag, the international symbol of LGBT movement.

The gathering was held in the hope of engaging the political class of Bulgaria to enter into discussion over guaranteeing basic human rights to the sexual minorities of the country. It was pointed out by a diplomat at the gathering that such issues shouldn’t be restricted to NGO and artistic and intellectual circles alone, but rather an issue which should involve the polical and wider society of Bulgaria as a whole.

It is not known, however, if any Bulgarian ploiticans were even present at the party, and a representative of the committee for organising Sofia Pride said: “The Diplomatic Society in Sofia has developed a tradition already in supporting us, but this is the first time that such a social event has been organised as an expression of this support. This means a lot to us. It is a pity that no Bulgarian politicians have yet dared support such an event as the gay pride parade.”

For more information please visit www.sofiapride.info