Video: McDonald’s releases first gay ad in France

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Fast food giant McDonald’s has released its first gay advertisement.

The ad, which will be broadcast in France, shows a gay teenager eating in a McDonald’s restaurant with his father.

As his father orders food at the counter, the teenager is shown on the phone to his boyfriend while looking at their class photo.

When his father approaches, the boy ends the call. The pair then eat, while the father remarks that it’s a pity his son’s class is all male, as he could have the pick of the girls.

The teenager smiles, but does not correct his father.

McDonald’s says the aim of the ad is to show that everyone is welcome in its restaurants. It has the slogan “Come as you are”.

It has had a mixed reception from online viewers.

One, posting on, wrote: “Once again, a McDonald’s commercial that has made me a little teary. Too bad a commercial like that won’t fly here in the US….yet.”

But another criticised it, writing: “I don’t know why everyone is so excited about this ad showing a closeted teen at McDonald’s. When are they going to do an ad showing out of the closet teens at McDonald’s?”

Scroll down to watch the subtitled ad.