Hundreds of gay couples marry in Mexico

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Approximately 400 same-sex couples have now married in Mexico, six months after the law permitting gay marriage came into effect.

As reported yesterday by the government of Mexico City, the country’s capital, a total of 398 marriages have been registered, of which 53 per cent were between men and 47 per cent between women.

In the past six months, 41 foreigners have joined the Mexicans – mostly Europeans, followed by South Americans, and citizens of other North American countries.

The vast majority of the couples who were married were aged between 30 and 40. There have also been four weddings for couples in an older age group – spanning 71 to 90.

The Mexican Supreme Court has also ruled that it is possible for same-sex married couples to adopt children.

The law has been slammed by the church, which strongly condemned both same-sex marriages and the possibility that said couples may adopt children.