Texas gay couple marry by Skype

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A gay couple have circumvented Texas’ ban on gay marriage by marrying over Skype.

Mark Reed and Dante Walkup used the internet software to link to Washington DC, where a registrar conducted the ceremony.

The pair said they chose to marry in this way because they did not want to force their friends and family to travel to another state.

Mr Reed, a board member of LGBT group GetEqual, said he and his husband went to Washington DC to arrange the paperwork and ask marriage equality activist Sheila Alexander-Reid to officiate.

They rented a hotel room in Dallas for their October 10th ceremony and another in Washington DC for Ms Alexander-Reid to read their vows. The couple received their marriage certificate in the post later.

Mr Reed told Dallas Voice: “The reason we wanted to do it this way is because we wanted to have a wedding here in Dallas with our family and friends.

“It was very important that all of our family came. It was the first time they actually met, even though we’ve been together ten years. If we had to go to DC, there’s no way we could have had the people there who we wanted to be there.”

Although Texas has no law banning marriages performed in this way, the couple know that it can be challenged in court. So they are working with lawyers to draw up statutes to solidify the practice and encourage other gay couples to use it to marry.