Judge extends ban on Ugandan tabloid outing gays

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A Ugandan judge has extended a ban on a tabloid outing gay men and lesbians.

Rolling Stone, which is no relation to the US magazine, has been publishing lists of people it identified as gay, plus their addresses and photographs.

A gay rights group attempted to obtain a ban on the outings and today, a high court judge extended the November 1st ban after the newspaper’s editor failed to offer a defence.

According to AFP, Rolling Stone’s editor Giles Muhame said he was not able to offer a defence because he was having problems with his wife.

The 22-year-old student was rebuked by Judge Vincent Musoke-Kibuuka for coming to court unprepared.

He told AFP that he would be able to defend himself and assert his right to publish the lists on Friday, when the case resumes.

Gay rights campaigners in Uganda said at least four people were attacked when the first list was published in October. It carried a banner saying “hang them”.

Uganda came under worldwide scrutiny last year for its attitudes to gays and lesbians after a lawmaker introduced a bill to strengthen anti-homosexuality laws.

David Bahati, who introduced the bill, said last month he was still pushing for it to become law.