Gay Lib Dem David Laws set to return to government ‘soon’

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Prime minister David Cameron has indicated that David Laws will return to government soon.

Mr Laws, a Liberal Democrat MP, resigned as chief secretary to the Treasury in May after it was revealed he had broken Commons rules by paying expenses to his secret boyfriend.

He had paid £40,000 of taxpayers’ money to James Lundie, who he said was his landlord. The couple kept their relationship a secret from their families and friends.

Addressing journalists at a Westminster lunch yesterday, Mr Cameron was asked whether he wanted to see Mr Laws return to government.

He replied: “The short answer is, yes, and soon.” He did not say any more about the issue.

If returned to the job he held for just three weeks, Mr Laws, the MP for Yeovil, would be the most powerful openly gay person in Britain.

After he resigned, fellow Lib Dem Danny Alexander took his job.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Mr Cameron may create an advisory role for Mr Laws if no Cabinet position is available.

A parliamentary investigation into the Lib Dem MP’s payments to his partner is ongoing.