Prague puts gay hotspots on the map

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Prague City Hall has compiled a map which it hopes will attract gay tourists to the capital.

The leaflet can be picked up at information centres, gay clubs and hotels, according the Prague Information Service.

The PIS already has a dedicated section for gays on its website for visitors to the ‘Mother of Cities’.

“The reason is simple”, PIS director Lucie Ramnebornova said. “These are mostly people with no children and they are very busy. They have no family-related costs, have high earnings and can invest more in their travelling and entertainment.”

Ramnebornova added that, along with directions to clubs and saunas, the map includes information on sites of Czech heritage, and important phone numbers for police and hospitals in the city.

“We do not want to shock anyone,” she said. The map does not locate any “clubs with dubious reputation.”

She said that the map creators had consulted a Prague travel agency catering to gay tourists in the area.

However, the map is designed only with homosexual men in mind, with few attractions tailored to lesbians.

“There are many more gays coming here. They do not hesitate to come out and are more organised,” Novakova said. “Besides, there are perhaps only two clubs in Prague with a lesbian profile.”

Earlier this month, the Czech Republic was criticised for introducing ‘arousal tests’ to check if asylum seekers who say they are gay are telling the truth.