Facebook-style site launched for gay US soldiers

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A social networking site has been launched for LGBT troops and their supporters.

Out Military, which looks similar to Facebook, hopes to grow as the US comes closer to repealing the ban on out gay servicemembers.

The site’s Maine-based creator and designer John McKinnon told Reuters yesterday that it only had 53 members so far but media attention is likely to have swelled the numbers substantially.

However, he added that members who are currently serving in the US military should probably not sign up with their full names.

President Obama signed a bill to end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell last month but it remains in effect for now, although the military has taken steps to tighten the number of officials who can sanction firings of gay troops.

But gay soldiers can still be dismissed under the 1993 law as no date has been given for its complete repeal.

Mr McKinnon said his site would serve as a place for troops and veterans to make friends and share their experiences.

“I think a social networking site specifically for that niche of gay and lesbian service members is a natural fit,” he said.