Police chief of ‘America’s gayest city’ resigns after claims of homophobia

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The police chief of Palm Springs has resigned after targeting gay tourists in an undercover sex sting.

David Dominguez was also recorded apparently using the word ‘faggot’ and one of his detectives used the word ‘c*******er’ about a suspect.

In 2009, Mr Dominguez ordered an operation to target gay men meeting for sex outdoors in hotel and resort car parks.

Officers were told to wear tight jeans and approach men who were heading back to their rooms after going out.

Roger Tansey, a lawyer for six of the sting victims, told The Independent: “In a typical scenario officers would approach a man, grab his crotch and say something like, ‘What you got?’

“They would flirt for as long as it took to persuade the target to undress and then handcuff him.”

Mr Tansey said his clients were victims of entrapment.

Nineteen people were arrested for indecent exposure.

Mr Dominguez apologised for the arrests, ordered diversity training for officers and said police would stop using ‘decoy’ stings.

Despite this, he resigned last week, announcing that he was taking early retirement.

Palm Springs, in California, is seen as a haven for gay men and lesbians and hosts the annual White Party.