Woman accused of pretending to be a man to trick women into sex

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A Scottish woman has been accused of tricking two women into sex by pretending to be a man.

Samantha Brooks, 26, of Perthshire, is said to have posed as a man called Lee Brooks for nine years and hidden her genitals by claiming she had testicular cancer.

She is also said to have hidden her breasts by claiming that she had suffered burns and to have urinated while standing, BBC News reports.

It has not been suggested that she is transgender.

Ms Brooks has been charged with two counts of obtaining sexual contact by fraud and two counts of assault, one each against the two women on several occasions.

The High Court in Glasgow heard today that she had placed a condom on an object and pretended it was her penises, thereby obtaining sexual contact with the women that they would not otherwise have consented to.

The first fraud is alleged to have taken place between January 2001 and December 2009, while the second is alleged to occurred between February and September last year.

Ms Brooks has denied all charges. Another preliminary hearing will be held on February 9th.