Man jailed for sexually assaulting lesbian

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A Cardiff man has been jailed for two years for climbing into bed next to a sleeping woman and sexually assaulting her.

Darren Hogan, 25, said he was unaware that the woman was a lesbian and Cardiff crown court heard that his unwanted attention had been particularly distressing for her.

The South Wales Echo reports that the court heard that he had been at a flat and fallen asleep on a sofa.

He awoke to find that everyone else had gone to bed and found two women sleeping in a bed.

He then lay between them and tried to initiate sex with them, despite them being strangers. One of the women woke to find him touching her intimately.

In his defence, Hogan said alcohol had loosened his inhibitions but the court was told that during his trial, he had failed to see what he had done wrong.

He was convicted of assault by penetration in November and been held in custody since.

He has also been ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for ten years.