Reports say man confessed to Ugandan gay activist murder

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A man has reportedly confessed to killing Ugandan gay rights campaigner David Kato.

The campaigner was killed in his home last week and local police said today that a man had admitted to killing him in a “personal disagreement”.

Police spokesman Vincent Ssetake told Reuters.”The prime suspect, Nsubuga Enock, was arrested today at around 4pm when he went to visit his girlfriend.

“He has confessed to the murder. It wasn’t a robbery and it wasn’t because Kato was an activist. It was a personal disagreement but I can’t say more than that.”

Mr Enock is to appear in court this evening. He had been staying with Mr Kato after the activist paid his bail for theft offences.

Mr Kato’s driver was also arrested and it is not clear if he has been released.

Gay rights campaigners in Uganda are calling for a full investigation to uncover the motive for the murder.

They fear Mr Kato was killed because of his sexuality.

He had received death threats after successfully suing a newspaper for publishing his name, address and photo in an anti-gay campaign.

He was buried last week.