British Muslim group condemns Bahrain gay arrests

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The Association of British Muslims has condemned the arrests of more than 130 gay men in Bahrain.

Last Thursday, police raided a ‘wedding party’ at a sports club in Hidd, arresting guests.

Homosexuality is not specified as illegal in Bahrain’s legal code but there are laws on morality.

Those detained were arrested on the charge of “conduct against public morals”

The AOBM, a small group founded in 1889, said the arrests were “odd and despicable” and argued that the Koran does not mention homosexuality.

In a statement, the group said: “The Holy Qur’an doesn’t actually mention much at all regarding people’s sexuality.

“The only verses which are interpreted by some in reference to homosexuality, are those referring to Prophet Lut (Lot). Yet, if one reads carefully, these verses are really condemning rape rather than sexuality.”

It added: “The crackdown in Bahrain, is typical of how the Holy Qur’an has been completely misunderstood and warped, yet people still do such things in the name of Allah, Islam, or Islamic morality. When in reality, all they are doing is acting upon their own prejudices.”

The Association of British Muslims, which is not to be confused with the Muslim Association of Britain, lists equality as one of its guiding principles and has spoken out in favour of gay rights before.