David Cameron supports LGBT History Month

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Prime minister David Cameron has given support to LGBT History Month, saying it “enriches” society.

In a message for the yearly celebration of LGBT culture, he said: “Events like this enrich our society and challenge us to think more about the world around us.”

This year’s event, held this month, has a theme of sport and patrons include rugby star Gareth Thomas and former basketball player John Amaechi.

Mr Cameron continued: “With London hosting the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012 it is essential that more is done to help people participate equally and without fear.

“Work on this is currently being taken forward… with the aim that people participating in or watching sports feel safe and unacceptable behaviour is challenged.”

Tony Fenwick, of LGBT History Month, said: “The new government was quick to launch its plans for LGBT equality and we’re delighted to hear the prime minister is still committed to this, especially in the light of recent media attacks on our work.”

Last month, LGBT charity Schools Out, which runs LGBT History Month, was attacked for publishing guidance for teachers on how they can make more references to LGBT people during lessons.

The advice is backed by the government but is not compulsory.

One lesson example was of maths teachers using examples of a family headed by a gay couple when discussing shopping budgets.