Helen Joyce’s ‘gender-critical’ book removed from LGBT History Month display – and she’s not happy

Helen Joyce on GB News.

The book Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality by ‘gender-critical’ journalist Helen Joyce has been removed from an LGBT History Month display at Swansea University following a complaint.

Joyce has become one of the most-vocal so-called gender-critical campaigners in the UK in recent years. Her book Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality was released in 2021, presenting a ‘gender-critical’ view of the trans rights movement.

“My book was removed from an LGBT History Month display because someone complained,” Joyce wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “But why should it be removed? It includes many themes of importance to everyone, included in the LGBT acronym, and quite a lot of history.

“My book should be displayed alongside books that tout gender-identity ideology, not hidden away. I don’t want to censor the people I disagree with on gender, I think I can win on the facts and arguments. I want people to read it all and make up their own minds.”

The nature of the complaint has not been revealed but the book was reportedly removed within an hour of the problem being raised.

“The title was removed from a temporary display to mark LGBT+ History Month,” a spokesperson for the university told the Daily Mail. “However, it has always been available to staff and students on our library shelves and will remain so.”

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In June 2022, Joyce made headlines after she called for a reduction in the number of transgender people, remarking that the trans “movement” is no longer in the “consciousness-raising” stage.

Joyce worked at The Economist between 2005 and 2022, first as the publication’s education correspondent before becoming its bureau chief in Brazil, then finance and international editor back in London.

“While we’re trying to get through to the decision-makers, we have to try to limit the harm and that means reducing or keeping down the number of people who transition,” Joyce said in 2022.

“That’s for two reasons. One of them is that every one of those people is a person who’s been damaged. But the second one is every one of those people, is basically, a huge problem to a sane world.

“If you’ve got people, whether they’re transitioned, whether they’re happily transitioned, whether they’re unhappily transitioned, whether they’re detransitioned, if you’ve got people who’ve dissociated from their sex in some way, every one of those people is someone who needs special accommodation in a sane world where we re-acknowledge the truth of sex.”

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