Video: Scott Mills experiences ‘bizarre’ Ugandan gay cure ritual

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Gay Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills has described a “bizarre” ritual in which he was battered with chickens to turn him straight.

The presenter travelled to Uganda for a BBC3 show about the country’s attitudes to homosexuality.

It was broadcast last night and, speaking on his radio show, he described how a witch doctor tried to “cure” him.

Mills said: “They have these witch doctors who claim they can cure people. I went to see one and I knew they were just fleecing people for money.

“He’d say weird things like, ‘You’re very sick, so you need to go and buy a cow then we’ll transport your spirit into the cow’.

“But I said, ‘You’ll end up with a gay cow’.”

As the production team didn’t have time for the full cure, Mills underwent a ‘quickie’ ritual instead with the chickens.

He was stripped to his waist, spat on by the witchdoctor and had water poured over his head.

Mills, who remains gay, added: “To say it was bizarre is an understatement.”

He also discovered that some people do not believe that Uganda has any gays or lesbians, while children assume that gay people go into schools to “recruit” pupils.

On a visit to an underground gay club, he said:”I didn’t feel comfortable . . . There was a strange air of tension in there.

“They’re taking their safety into their own hands. I didn’t like it at all.”

The programme also featured anti-gay MP David Bahati, the editor of the notorious Rolling Stone newspaper and American preachers condemning homosexuality.

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