First UK national forum for LGBT Jews formed

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A national forum has been launched for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans Jews.

Keshet UK, which means ‘rainbow’, hopes to challenge prejudice, tackle anti-gay bullying and support Jewish LGBT people in schools, synagogues and social care.

Co-founder Rabbi David Mitchell, who is gay, said: “It is an exciting time to be Jewish and LGBT. Alongside the recent sweeping social and legal changes in the UK there are now an increasing number of cultural and social groups catering for LGBT Jews.

“The British LGBT Jewish community is further empowered by activists from every decade since the 1950s.”

Keshet UK hopes to make progress in areas which have received little attention, such as Jewish social care for LGBT elderly people, or how children with LGBT parents are treated in Jewish schools.

It also hopes to investigate the experiences of Orthodox LGBT Jews and develop campaigns and initiatives with Jewish community organisations, such as schools, synagogues and youth movements.

Co-ordinator Daniel Lichman said: “Like our name, which means ‘rainbow’, we hope that by coming together we will be more visible and vibrant.

“It is this invigorating spirit of community and collaboration that will enable us to work together towards achieving greater equality for every colour and shade of LGBT Jew in the UK”.

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