Young gay man brutally beaten at New York McDonald’s

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A young gay man has posted pictures of his injuries on Facebook after he was set upon in an anti-gay attack outside a McDonald’s restaurant in New York.

Damian Furtch, 26, was sitting in the West Village fast food restaurant with a friend on Sunday evening when two men began to harass him.

Mr Furtch, who had just finished work at the nearby Pink Tea Cup Restaurant, says he and his friend then left but were followed by the attackers, who began punching him while yelling anti-gay slurs. His friend was not hurt.

He reported the attack to police and posting disturbing images on his Facebook page showing severe cuts and bruising to his face.

Mr Furtch wrote: “I thought I was safe in the city I loved but apparently wearing fluorescent colored clothing and pink shoelaces really bother some f**king g assholes to blind side me and hit me.”

He captioned the images:”Four Stitches, Thanks Bitches!”

His employer at the Pink Tea Cup Restaurant, Lawrence Page, told the New York Daily News that Mr Furtch was a 6ft 4 “gentle giant” and called the attackers “cowards”.

Mr Furtch’s injuries required four stitches and reports said he had to have his nose broken and re-set.

Police are searching for the assailants.

Earlier this month, a New York teenager was allegedly killed in a homophobic attack.

Anthony Collao, 18, was attacked at a party in Queens by a gang who allegedly shouted anti-gay slurs before kicking, punching and beating him with a metal pipe.

He was not gay but reports said the party was hosted by two gay men.

The college graduate died in hospital two days after the attack.