Australian Catholic school accidentally allows ‘gay cure’ seminar

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A Catholic school in Australia accidentally allowed a ‘gay cure’ Christian group to use its premises for a seminar.

St Columban’s College in Queensland said it immediately withdrew permission for the Miracle Christian Center’s presentation after it learned the nature of the group.

The Miracle Christian Center promises to help free gay people from homosexuality. It is promoted by Adam Hood, who claims he is now straight.

St Columban’s principal Ann Rebgetz said yesterday that the group deliberately withheld the nature of its meeting.

A statement said the meeting was not in line with the “Catholic Christian ethos of our community”.

However, the Miracle Christian Center, based in Victoria, says it may take legal action after the school’s ban.

President Dorian Ballard said his group was not homophobic and accused school officials of discrimination.

“We are not homophobic, many of us have come out of the homosexual lifestyle,” he told the Herald.

“We are not afraid of homosexuals; we love them, we’ve ministered to them for years.

“This topic is always up for debate. It’s great to hear a lot of different views in the broad spectrum and we have been silenced, we have been discriminated against.”

Australian gay website reported on Mr Hood’s ‘coming in’ YouTube video last year (watch below).

“Can a homosexual be free from same sex thoughts, attractions and feelings?” the ad asks. “Adam Hood says ‘yes’, so come and hear Adam tell his story of how he was set free from homosexuality.”

“The neckerchief-wearing ‘ex-gay’ told his unbelievable story on video last June,” the website said.

“Our favourite bit is at 6:00 – ‘I remember on our wedding night, when we finally consummated our marriage, I literally screamed at the top of my lungs – JESUUUUSSSS! Like, I was so happy! He delivered me, you know? I love women! And I love my wife’s body! And I love her physically, and it’s holy!”