Teenager expelled from school after coming out as gay because, apparently, ‘it’s what Jesus would want’

Teen expelled after coming out as gay because 'it's what Jesus would want'

A 17-year-old was expelled from the school he attended for ten years after his principal told him he’d followed an “evil path” by coming out as gay.

Devin Bryant attended Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville, Texas, since pre-kindergarten, and was looking forward to beginning his final year as his true self.

Students in their final year are allowed to design their own parking spaces, and Devin planned to decorate his with a list of words that describe him: “Gay as in happy,” and, “Gay, as in homosexual this time – sorry.”

Administrators flagged the design with the new headmaster Dr Tony Jeffrey, who promptly informed Devin’s mother that he was no longer welcome at the school.

“[Jeffrey] had taken it upon himself within the couple of days he had been at the school to seek votes from the board for Devin’s expulsion,” Consolata Bryant told the Dallas Observer.

“He secured the votes needed and thus was calling to let us know that Devin was not to report to school that Monday, the 10th, with his classmates.

“His exact words were that Devin had chosen an evil path that was contrary to the Bible and therefore was evil and he was only doing what Jesus would do. He offered us parent counselling. Not Devin, though.”

The mother says she asked the headmaster whether he was a Christian, telling him “Jesus would not do what you are doing”. Jeffrey allegedly replied: “I’m doing what Jesus would want me to do.”

Before his expulsion Devin was an award-winning sportsman and a disciplined student with a 4.46 GPA. He’d already been out at school for a year and had faced no problems – in fact, his friends were overwhelmingly supportive.

“People said they are there for me,” Devin told the Dallas Voice. “They were proud of me for making the decision to come out.”

His mother believes the new headmaster intended to make an example out of him to dissuade other students from coming out like he did.

“I’m praying for the administration to discover true Christianity, and I must find it in my heart to forgive them for what they did to Devin,” she said.

“The administration definitely needs education on what Christianity is all about. Devin is a great kid. His spirit cannot be broken by weak individuals. Sadly, they will continue to do this to any student who in the future does not conform to the hypocrisy.”

Covenant Christian Academy declined to comment on his expulsion, but said Devin had broken an academy contract forbidding homosexuality.