Nepal’s gay MP: ‘Gandhi’s sexuality doesn’t matter’

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Nepal’s only out gay MP says that Gandhi’s legacy, rather than his sexuality, is what matters.

This week, a new biography of the Indian leader claimed he was bisexual and left his wife for a male bodybuilder.

Great Soul, by former New York Times executive editor Joseph Lelyveld, caused outrage in India, although the author said reviews had distorted his words.

Some Indian states have gone as far as banning the book.

Nepalese MP and gay rights leader Sunil Babu Pant said he agreed with a statement made by Gandhi’s grandson, IANS reports.

Tushar Gandhi said: “How does it matter if the Mahatma was straight, gay or bisexual? Every time he would still be the man who led India to freedom.”

Mr Pant said: “No matter who Gandhi was, straight or gay, he remains a great source of inspirations to countless people in the world, throughout history. His principle of non-violent struggle and non-violent practices in life inspires me every day.”

He said that India should not ban the book. “I hope India will continue to remain the symbol of democracy and uphold the freedom of expression and press,” he said.