Hundreds to stage kiss-in at Soho pub

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Hundreds of people are expected to join a ‘kiss-in’ protest at a Soho pub tonight after a gay couple were thrown out for kissing.

Jonathan Williams, 26, and Jamie Bull, 23, were on a first date in the pub on Wednesday night when a woman claiming to be the landlady allegedly ordered them to leave.

The couple say they were kicked out for quietly kissing in a corner and witnesses backed up their claims.

Mr Williams vented his frustration on Twitter and supporters quickly began to organise a protest.

More than 400 people have pledged to join tonight’s demonstration, while 600 say they will attend a similar protest at the pub next Wednesday,

Attendees are being urged to order nothing more than tap water to prevent the bar making money.

The pub is in Soho, the heart of London’s gay scene.

The couple said the woman and a man who said he was the landlord called them “obscene” before forcibly removing them from the pub.

Mr Williams tweeted: “Seven years in London & I’ve never been made to feel bad for being gay.45 mins ago the John Snow pub, W1F had me removed for kissing a date.”

His date, James Bull, said the woman tried to claim that a straight couple would also be asked to leave for kissing.

He told “I haven’t heard of the pub having a no-kissing policy and I’ve never heard of any straight couple being thrown out for kissing.”

A patron who was seated at the next table, Jamie Morton, told he too was asked to leave after questioning why the couple were being thrown out.

Mr Morton, who backed up Mr Williams’ version of events, said the couple’s kissing was “innocent, not raunchy”.

He said: “The woman was really aggressive, shouting at them. It’s outrageous, they weren’t doing anything wrong. I was shocked.”

Staff at the John Snow have refused to speak to journalists.