Verdict expected on gay policeman accused of rape

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A jury is expected to return a verdict in the case of a policeman and former Mr Gay UK accused of rape and sexual assault.

Mark Carter, 27, of Birkenshaw, was charged with sexually assaulting three men and raping a fourth in December 2009 while on a work night out.

He was suspended by West Yorkshire Police after the allegations were made.

A trial began on June 6th and is expected to end today.

Mr Carter, who won the Mr Gay UK title in 2006, said he met the alleged rape victim in the Loft Bar on December 18th and the pair went back to the Etap hotel.

He is accused of dragging the man by his hair and raping him.

The alleged victim left the room at 4am and told a passerby he had been raped.

According to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, defence lawyer Andrew Smith said the victim claimed Mr Carter had dragged him into the hotel room. However, CCTV did not show this. He also questioned why there was no photographic evidence of the man’s alleged injuries.

Prosecuting, Sarah Wright said it did not matter what had happened outside the room and said the man fled the room without his socks and his shirt was unbuttoned.

She argued that if he made the allegation because he cheated on his boyfriend, he would not have mentioned some of the “more embarrassing” things which allegedly occurred.