Hotel workers win compensation over anti-gay bullying

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Two hotel workers who were mocked and called gay by their boss have won their claims for discrimination.

Head chef Martin Owen and manager Andrew Roberts-Evans successfully claimed sex discrimination against Simon Buckley, the director of the Grapes Hotel, in Maentwrog, Snowdonia.

Mr Owen also won a claim for unfair dismissal and Mr Roberts-Evans won a claim for constructive dismissal, the Daily Mail reports.

The pair said that Mr Buckley began bullying them after they were forced to share a twin room when they began working because staff quarters were unavailable.

They said he was constantly making jokes about the nature of their relationship in front of them and to other staff members.

The pair said they were good friends and Mr Owen had acted as a mentor to the younger man after the death of his mother but they were not lovers.

Mr Owen was made redundant in May 2010 but a new head chef was hired almost immediately. Mr Roberts-Evans resigned when he saw his own job advertised.

Although they were rewarded more than £56,000, the pair will receive just a fraction of that because the company has gone into voluntary liquidation.

Of the £23,384 he was awarded, Mr Owen can expect just £1,000. Mr Roberts-Evans can expect to receive just £1,600, out of an award of £33,165.