British gay policeman victim of homophobic attack in Slovenia

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A British gay policeman was savagely attacked in a homophobic incident in Slovenia it has been reported.

Oliver McNally was in the capital Ljubljana with straight friends on a stag party but fell out with anti-gay revellers in a nightclub after what has only been described as an ‘encounter’ who later attacked him with metal police-style batons.

“We were in a kebab shop when a vehicle stopped and a group of men got out. I remembered one from an encounter in a club earlier on. All three of us were attacked with batons by six or seven men,” he told local newspaper Narobe.

“I was hit 10 times all over my body and head and I was terrified. The attack just went on and on and the next thing I knew was coming round on the floor covered in blood. We’re all covered in stitches and bruises,” he added.

Police in Slovenia are now investigating the alleged homophobic attack.

In 2006, Slovenia introduced civil partnerships but the law prohibits couples from having friends and family present. Only the couple and the registrar can be present.

The law allows gay and lesbian couples to register their unions and give partners access to each others’ pensions and property.