Gay conservatives GOProud want to meet Michele Bachmann

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US gay conservative group GOProud says it wants to meet Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to discuss her anti-gay views.

Mrs Bachmann, has said in the past that homosexuality is “slavery” and that gays are recruiting children. But since she began her presidential campaign, she has refused to talk about homosexuality.

However, a gay group’s sting on her husband’s Christian counselling centre showed a staff member trying to turn a gay man straight.

Speaking to politics blog The Ticket, GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia said: “We have requested a meeting with Michele Bachmann. We’ve made this request, as with the other requests, in good faith.”

He added that the group wants to “discuss issues important to gay conservatives” with Mrs Bachmann and “anything she wishes to talk about.”

Recently, the chairman of GOProud, Chris Barron, told “We are certainly concerned about comments Bachmann has made about gay people and we are even more troubled by her support for a federal marriage amendment that would be the largest power grab by the federal government from the states in the history of our country,” he said.

“Given her stated support for ‘limited government’ we wish Congresswoman Bachmann would reconsider supporting such a massive federal power grab.”