Video: Gay ‘barbarians’ glitter Marcus Bachmann’s office

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Gay rights activists dressed as ‘barbarians’ glittered one of Marcus Bachmann’s counselling clinics after footage emerged of an employee telling a gay man he could become straight.

Mr Bachmann, husband of the anti-gay Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, said in a 2010 radio interview that gays are “barbarians” and need to be “disciplined”.

His wife has already been targeted by protesters armed with pink glitter.

Campaigners arrived at Mr Bachmann’s clinic in Minnesota on Thursday morning and told an employee: “We came to see Marcus. We need to be disciplined.”

When she asked them to leave, they showered the office lobby in glitter, chanting: “You can’t pray away the gay, baby, I was born this way!”

Outside, the campaigners, led by known glitterer Nick Espinosa, shouted: “Marcus – what’s in your closet?”

Mrs Bachmann has been criticised for attacking state spending while her family’s clinic is a recipient of state and federal payments.

The politician has a long track record of anti-gay remarks, including claiming that gay people suffer “sexual dysfunction” and “personal enslavement” and are “specifically recruiting our children”.