Ugandan ‘family’ campaign calls for progress on anti-gay bill

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A ‘family’ campaign in Uganda is urging lawmakers to pass the notorious anti-homosexuality bill.

The Family Life Network and Uganda Coalition for Moral Values says the government should do the “right” thing, rather than bow to international pressure.

According to the Daily Monitor, they told a press conference: “We urge you to do what is right even if it is not politically correct. Remember that your first obligation and loyalty should be to the citizens of Uganda and our children who are our future.

“We ask you not to betray and abandon the parents who voted you into public office. Remember that is the Ugandans who elected you and not donors or foreign governments.”

A statement signed by Mr Steven Langa, the executive director Family Life Network, said Uganda should form a coalition with other African countries opposed to homosexuality.

He added that the parents’ coalition would seek to remove any MP who “betrays” the cause.

The bill, introduced by MP David Bahati in 2009, was designed to strengthen Uganda’s already-harsh laws against homosexuality but was dropped by lawmakers.

Clauses called for the death penalty for “aggravated” homosexuality, while those who fail to report incidences to police would be jailed.

The bill received worldwide condemnation from countries, gay rights campaigners and human rights groups.