John Barrowman criticises church over gay marriage attacks

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John Barrowman says he’s horrified at the Scottish Catholic Church’s comments on gay marriage proposals.

The Glasgow-born actor, who is in a civil partnership, accused church leaders of “evil”, hypocrisy and potentially ruining people’s lives.

Church leaders have reacted angrily to government proposals to allow gay couples to wed.

Bishop of Paisley Philip Tartaglia, who is expected to become the next Archbishop of Glasgow, claimed on Monday that Catholic voters would desert the SNP if marriage equality becomes a reality.

But Torchwood star Barrowman told the Herald: “That’s not being Christian at all. In fact, I think it’s evil. Being gay is not, as they claim, against the laws of nature. I was born this way. And there’s a reason I was born this way. I didn’t decide to wake up gay one morning.

“If two people love each other enough and want to call what they have a ‘marriage’, regardless of their sex, shouldn’t we let them do that? Otherwise, we’re in the Dark Ages again.”

The actor, who said church groups were “prepared to ruin lives”, added: “I’d like to remind the church many of their own practices were kept a secret for many years and for them to turn round and attack someone who wants to be married is quite incredible. I think they’d be advised to remain quiet.”