Mumbai police fine 150 gay men after breaking up party

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Police in Mumbai raided a “gay rave party” early on Sunday morning, fining around 150 men for drinking alcohol and committing “obscene” acts.

The party, held in a residential complex in Jogeshwari, was raided at around 2am after a tip-off.

A number of celebrities were present. One, Bobby Darling, said he was paid by the organisers to attend. He said he was unaware the party was organised without permission and was not fined.

An office from Oshiwara police station told Express India: “When we entered the premises we saw drunk men dancing without clothes and also engaging in indecent acts,.”

D K Rupwate, a senior police inspector, added: “We rounded up about 150 guests, who were tested positive of consuming alcohol. We have fined the men Rs 1,200 each and left them after noting down their addresses, contact details and verifying their identities.”

Filmmaker Onir, who directed gay-themed film I Am, told the Hindustan Times: “It’s a joke that gay people dancing are called immodest, while heterosexual couples at parties is fine.

“The cops have every right to stop a party if it exceeds the noise level, but to harass people because of their sexuality is a shame.”