‘Speedo fetish’ man sued over websites

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An Australian man with a Speedo fetish is being sued by the brand for breaching its copyright.

Dave Evans, 24, is being sued by Speedo over a number of websites he owns which show men posing in – and out of – the skimpy swimwear.

Speedo has filed a lawsuit against him at the Federal Court in Canberra.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the company says Mr Evans has threatened the good name and reputation of the brand and has broken its copyright.

Speedo also says the nudity on the websites is “offensive” and is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

Mr Evans has refused to talk to the press but has written on his blog that he cannot afford a corporate lawyer for his defence.

He has suggested that Speedo has become a generic term like aspirin or zipper, which are brand names.

On the introduction to one of his websites, he describes himself as a “bisexual guy” with a “huge speedo fetish”.