Swansea nightclub accused of throwing couple out for gay kiss

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A nightclub in Swansea has been accused of throwing a gay couple out for sharing a quick kiss.

According to witnesses, the incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning at Reflex on Wind Street.

A student who wished not to be named told PinkNews.co.uk that the two men shared an “quick peck on the lips” but were thrown out after being told by a bouncer that other customers disliked it.

He said: “I find it truly disgusting that in 2011 that two people can be thrown out for an innocent quick peck on the lips, yet it could be seen around the club many straight people around the club acting a lot worse.”

He added: “I overheard the bouncer saying ‘people don’t like it’ which to me suggests heavily that the main reason for them being thrown out is homophobia.”

Another customer who was with the couple, Sherrie Deacon, said she heard the bouncer say: “I do not care. I will not have this in my club.”

Ms Deacon, who described the kiss as a “simple peck on the lips”, has set up a Change.org petition calling for Reflex to apologise.

She wrote: “Many straight couples make out and grope but no one even bats an eye. A innocent peck on the cheek [sic] gets a gay couple get cast out though? Insanity.”

Reflex Swansea denies the couple were kicked out, although it admitted that a couple had been told to stop being “overly amorous”.

A spokesperson for the club said: “Having investigated your enquiry, the only incident that took place at Reflex in Swansea on the evening of Tuesday 18th October 2011 was that a member of the door staff team approached a couple who were overly amorous asking them to temper their behaviour which they duly noted.

“We have a policy of welcoming people from all walks of life and are unaware of this alleged incident as nobody was asked to leave the premises on that night.”