Will Young talks of hopes to be a “stylish gay dad”

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Story corrected 09/11/2011

Will Young has spoken of his desire to one day be a “stylish gay dad”.

The 32-year-old musician told You magazine: “I’m fully embracing my 30s. I’ve just moved house, I want to get a dog. I love watching ‘Antiques Road Show’, this morning I fed my fish.

“And kids? Probably when I’m in my 40s. I like the idea of being less selfish – though I also like the idea of rocking up on the school run as the stylish gay dad as opposed to the yummy mummy.”

Young also spoke about his “ongoing issues with depression”.

The multi-award winning artist said he had been seeing a therapist after he came out publicly, and still “hits a wall”.

He said: “I don’t get angry very often, but when I do, everyone knows about it.

“Therapy’s helped me in that, as in everything else. I first saw a counsellor at university, just after I came out. I’ve had ongoing issues with depression – in a mild form, but I still hit that wall from time to time.

“It feels like running a cruise liner. I watch myself intently at all times, and I’m alert to the smallest changes on any of the decks.”

Young was voted “best role model for young people” last year in a poll by gay rights charity Stonewall.