Judge pulls out of “confusing” Bahamas wedding competition

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The Bahamas Tourist Office has clarified the “confusing” conditions of a dream wedding competition after a judge pulled out over a complaint.

The competition gives couples a chance to win one of 16 “dream” weddings, to take place simultaneously around the islands next year.

The ongoing competition was open to “residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 and over, who are legally entitled to enter into marital/civil partnership in the UK and in The Bahamas”.

In a separate clause further into the terms and conditions, was written: “it is not Bahamas Government policy to provide marriage licenses for same sex couples and therefore same sex marriages cannot be performed.”

But confusion arose for one PinkNews.co.uk reader over why the civil partnerships eligibility clause had been included, as Bahamian law does not allow for these either.

As gay couples are not able to enter into civil partnerships in the Bahamas, and straight couples cannot have civil partnerships in the UK, no one would be eligible.

Speaking to PinkNews.co.uk, the Bahamas Tourist Office accepted the confusion, noting that the clause had been intended to refer to a non-religious marriage ceremony, not a civil partnership, and has clarified the rules.

However, one of the judges, Ruth Benford, Marketing Director for Goldsmiths jewellers, voluntarily stood down from the judging panel after the rules on gay couples were brought to her attention.

A spokesperson for Goldsmiths, who are sponsoring the competition, confirmed to PinkNews.co.uk yesterday that the company did not want to be seen to endorse an event which excluded the gay community.