Planning underway for first birthday of Elton John’s son Zachary

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David Furnish has confirmed he and Sir Elton John are planning a family gathering for their son’s birthday on Christmas Day.

Baby Zachary will turn be turning one on 25 December, but his parents have said he will not be spoiled with presents as they have a joint party for his birthday and Christmas.

He was born last year on Christmas Day to the musician and his civil partner.

Furnish was attending an event for the Trevor Project when he confirmed plans for the day, telling the Press Association: “We’re going to roll the two together and bring all the families together and have a wonderful celebration, so I’m so excited about that.

“I think particularly for his birthday I want there to be one significant present to mark each birthday in a memorable and meaningful way. I’ve got a couple of ideas.”

Zachary’s birth last year was marred by the BBC inviting comment from a Christian extremist who had said God would see the death penalty for gays as “civilised”, and a New York Post article which referred to David Furnish as Elton John’s “wife”.

Writing in the Guardian last month, Sir Elton described the first twelve months of baby Zachary’s life as “the happiest and most special of my life”.